Scotty Ziegler is a celebrated artist whose unique paintings, sculptures and custom jewelry are sought by discerning collectors worldwide.

Although Ziegler’s artistic themes vary, his work never fails to evoke an emotional connection through its blend of function, form and whimsical imagination.

In addition to his art work and jewelry, Ziegler is a master inventor with many patents to his credit. Ziegler has designed everything from cutting-edge toys to futuristic motorcycles and automobiles for prestigious international companies such as Hasbro, Fisher-Price and Mattel. His inventions and designs are featured in numerous newspapers, magazines and national cable television programs.

Collectors relish Ziegler’s work because it constantly challenges artistic boundaries. It is sometimes provocative, always thought provoking…and unfailingly cool.

Want to know more about Scotty? Visit the video page, and jump into his crazy world!

Scotty’s art is not limited to canvas, but spreads in to all aspects of his life. He has been building and driving custom hot rods since he was in his teens; come check out some of his favorite builds!

Check out Scotty’s newest series: CLOWN THERAPY!

Fear is the mind killer. And what I feared, was clowns. Step inside, and get acquainted with these mysterious women. With their painted faces, striped stockings, and red noses, prepare to redefine your mind. Meet… My Clowns

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The Vault is an event venue and gallery space that Scotty built in the heart of Downtown San Diego, in the Gaslamp District. The artwork, handcrafted metal structures, and sexy classy vibe inspire all who visit.

Cars, horsepower, alcohol and beautiful women. Could a person need anything more? Click here to check out all of Scotty’s artwork.