Fine Art by Scotty Ziegler

Scotty Ziegler is a celebrated artist whose unique paintings, sculptures and custom jewelry are sought by discerning collectors worldwide.

Although Ziegler’s artistic themes vary, his work never fails to evoke an emotional connection through its blend of function, form and whimsical imagination.

In addition to his art work and jewelry, Ziegler is a master inventor with many patents to his credit. Ziegler has designed everything from cutting-edge toys to futuristic motorcycles and automobiles for prestigious international companies such as Hasbro, Fisher-Price and Mattel. His inventions and designs are featured in numerous newspapers, magazines and national cable television programs.

Collectors relish Ziegler’s work because it constantly challenges artistic boundaries. It is sometimes provocative, always thought provoking…and unfailingly cool.

scotty ziegler man eater

Passion. Everyone has one… or five. These pieces all represent different passions, whether its animals, billiards, or beautiful women. Click here to see what happens when Scottys paints passions on passion.

Scotty Ziegler Save For Sunday

Everyone needs a little wine to end off a long day…. or to start off an even longer evening! Save for Sunday was Scotty’s first piece. Click here to check it out, along with al of his other alcohol inspired pieces!

scotty ziegler quick change

Cars, horsepower, and beautiful women. Could a man need anything more? If you are into speed, this is the moment where you click on this square and check out all of the pieces painted for the love of cars…. and of course, women.

Scotty Ziegler Body Shot

This series is one of the most unique out there. These 9 pieces all feature a fully custom sterling silver cross pendant, each one more different than the last. When you buy a limited edition Giclee, it also comes with a signed and numbered sterling silver cross pendant that is handcrafted by Scotty. There are only 100 in each edition, and therefore only 100 of each of the 9 crosses. Simply place the cross around your neck, and instantly become the girl in the painting!

scotty ziegler sexy legs

She is magic. She is half fish and half you. Half true love and half true fantasy. She is loyal, caring, and beautiful. OUR MERMAID IS REAL. He found her in the ocean, scooped her up, and brought her home. Spending her days in his fishtank, this mermaid is of a different era… THIS ONE. Check out the series, and follow her adventure into the human world.

scotty ziegler skinny dipping

She is mysterious, timelss, and effortlessly beautiful. Marilyn’s appeal is one that never wavers. This series is Scotty’s take on Marilyn. Who would she be if she lived amongst us today? What would she look like? Would she really have pink in her hair? Scotty sure thinks so. Click here to see Scotty’s current take on an age old beauty.

Scotty Ziegler Last Drop

Mystery, intrigue, and a hint of sexy. Masks have a way of hiding all but the window to your soul, and Scotty is a master at creating pieces that give the audience the ability to dive into the personality behind the mask. Their eyes pierce right through the canvas, and they seemingly jump right off the page. Click here to visit the world behind the mask.

scotty ziegler blocked shot

Although photo realism is Scotty’s first love, sometimes he needs to shake it out and loosen up a bit. The Loose Linez series is his expression of just that! These vibrant pieces stray from reality just enough to let your imagination run wild! Loose strokes, and crazy colors make for energetic and lively pieces.

scotty ziegler color me ready

“Color Me Ready” is one of Scotty’s newer pieces, as well as his current favorite. This take on black and white meets color is something that he hasnt seen done before. Just when  your sure its a black and white piece, you change your mind, and your sure its color. Not even a black and white picture can lack in vibrant color at Fine art by Scotty!

main room

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